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Can OptionVue perform automated back-testing?

OptionVue’s BackTrader module can perform manual back-testing only. The user must pick a starting point in the past, enter their trades, then move forward in time to make adjustments or close trades.

Can I use OptionVue to model trades on foreign exchanges like the European or Indian markets?

No, OptionVue only supports U.S. Exchanges.

Can I use OptionVue to view Futures and Futures Option positions?

Yes, OptionVue support all the Major U.S. Futures and their related options.

Is OptionVue Mac-compatible?

OptionVue is Windows based. In order to run on a Mac you would need virtualization such as Parallels, VMware Fusion or Windows under Apple Boot Camp.

Is OptionVue web-based?

No, OptionVue is downloaded and run locally.

Can I have OptionVue downloaded on more than one device?

Yes, you can have OptionVue downloaded on as many computers or laptops as you like; however, you can only be logged into one at a time.

Will OptionVue work behind a corporate firewall?

Most corporate firewalls will block OptionVue from running.

What's the time delay on OptionVue's Delayed data package?

We send a delayed data stream for all quotes with a 15 minute delay.

How much are the exchange fees?

The answer depends on what exchanges you're interested in and if you qualify as a professional or non-professional trader. More information can be found by visiting Dev Experts.

What time intervals does BackTrader use?

Our minimum bar size is 15 minutes, but we are actively working on storing shorter intervals which we hope to make available to customers as soon as possible.


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